Social Media Censorship of Queer And Feminist Art

American painter and queer woman Clarity Haynes has recently written the essay, I’m a Queer Feminist Artist. Why Are My Paintings Censored on Social Media?

It is not about the nipple any more… In her essay she states, when a post about my work is removed, suddenly and without permission, it feels like a violation — if not legally, then emotionally, and certainly materially in terms of costs to my career.

Clarity Haynes will discuss social media censorship of queer and feminist art as a panelist in “The Art Museum as a Political Space,” at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, on Saturday March 24, 2018 at 2pm. Other panelists include Nato Thompson and Shantrelle P. Lewis, and the conversation will be moderated by Susan Lubowski Talbott.