The Girl Bunnies by Francoise Doherty

Sorry, the trailer has been taken down from Vimeo. May I suggest that you instead seach for the different short film (episodes) by Francosie Doherty on YouTube.

Video: Trailer – The Girl Bunnies Compilation from Frameline on Vimeo.

Frameline presents (above) three of their favorite Girl Bunnies films by Canadian filmmaker Francosie Doherty in one compilation. The stop-motion animated adventure short films from homo-girl-rabbit-world are:

“Les Lapines – Two female bunnies living across the world from each other fall madly in love, travel to the ends of the earth, then excitedly adopt 8 chicken eggs to raise a family. (2008)

The HOCKEY – In this 2nd installment of the musically animated Girl Bunnies series, Coco loves hockey, but she REALLY likes hockey girl…(2009)

Big Tree – In the third installment of The Girl Bunnies, Mimi accidentally saws through a really cute girl bunny’s tree. Mimi solicits the help of a deer and two hockey girls, and uses a rope to save the day.” (2011)

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About Francoise Doherty

Wikipedia about Francoise Doherty: “Françoise Doherty is a Canadian filmmaker, songwriter and media artist. Noted for being a trailblazer in queer activism with a stop-motion animated series for children. She garnered Audience Choice Awards at Cineffable in Paris France and Festival Image + Nation in Montreal.To date the Girl Bunnies series has screened in 15 countries.

The third musical short in the Girl Bunnies series (The Girl Bunnies. BIG TREE.) was Premiered on June 23 2011 at Frameline, The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.The second short in the series (The Girl Bunnies. Hockey.) was released October 25, 2009 and Les Lapines (The Girl Bunnies) was released in 2008. Musically, she composes, plays multiple instruments and sings. As a filmmaker she composes the music first and then, creates the animated story and develops the characters.

As media artist and filmmaker, Doherty’s international portfolio spans live-action filmmaking, 2D animation, stop-motion animation, photography, media installation and performance. With the exception of her photographic exhibitions, she composes/produces the soundscapes and songs for her work. She has exhibited widely within Canada, The United States, Europe and Asia. She works in a genre she coined “Critical Fiction’.”