Amber Hawk Swanson On Her Complicated Relationship With Amber Doll

Amber Hawk Swanson reveals details from her unique, loving and complicated lesbian relationship with Amber Doll on her webpage and video stream.

In 2007 Amber Hawk Swanson produced a life size doll in her own image for their collaborative art project. In the feminist art project “To Have, To Hold and To Violate” they have performed all the ritual of weddings. At the wedding (performance) not everything went as planed. Amber saw her new partner being violated, as the queer wedding guests wanted to know what the virgina of the perfect lifesize Barbie doll looked like?

Amber had Amber Doll made at a point in her life where she was single and really wanted a girlfriend and the art project made her explore all sorts of emotions.
In a video interviews she says: “I now think of her as a reminder of what I am now. It is hard to have her next to me sometimes. […] I feel like that the whole process has opened me up to this amazing relationship, which I am in.”

Since 2007 Amber Hawk Swanson has published more than 60 short documentaries about her Amber Doll art project at her video stream.