Artists Talk with Caitlin Rose Sweet and Ben Pinder (2020)

Video (1:16:09): “Poking Holes and Piercing Through”, an online talk with American artists Caitlin Rose Sweet and Ben Pinder who both do their presentations in the video. The event was hosted by Dorsky Museum in New York, 2020.

The video description: ‘Both hailing from small towns in America, Caitlin Rose Sweet and Ben Pinder (featured in the exhibition New Folk: Hudson Valley Artists 2020) make work which simultaneously embraces Americana and folk traditions while exposing the social constructs (and constraints) surrounding them. We will explore the fascinating work they produce and join them in a discussion on how they are poking holes and piercing through American myths of masculinity, gender and labor, and craft and art, in an attempt to level hierarchies and detoxify beliefs.’

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