Being A Lesbian And Creating Spiritual Art

‘The soul entering the universe for the first time’, painting by Jina Wallwork

Jina Wallwork is a writer, artist and medium living in England. She has studied art and has a BA(hons) degree in fine art from Staffordshire University. Jina Wallwork has just released a book ‘The complete explanation of death and rebirth’. The book is illustrated with Jina’s art works. I have talked with Jina Wallwork about being gay and creating spiritual art.

Jina Wallwork:

“I do not feel defined by my sexuality although I would be horrified with myself, if I didn’t believe that love defined me; to that extent I am defined by the love that I feel for others. My art work and writing is influenced by the love that I feel, and it is also influenced by my sexuality.

My sexuality has influenced the unfolding of a very specific spiritual journey: When I was a child, I believed very much in a Christian God. It was something I found beautiful and comforting. As I entered my teens, I knew I was gay. I was attending a Catholic school, where I received a lot of judgement from the other students and some teachers. It became a difficult situation, which involved questioning my spiritual beliefs. I think my spiritual conflict became a backdrop for everything that was happening.

I felt that others were pushing me to choose between being gay and believing in God. In reality that would be asking me to choose between love and God. I realize now that those two choices are the same. You can not separate God from love. So the question I needed to answer is, do I believe others or do I explore my spirituality and sexuality for myself and see how they link together? This challenged me to wipe the slate clean of anything I had been taught to believe about God. This is one of the greatest gifts, I have ever received from being challenged by others. Being gay gave me that gift.

Being told that you are not welcome within a religion can send you on a quest to discover your own truth. I have always been a medium for spirit and I have met mediums that come from all different faiths. They all make an attempt to link their work with spirit to existing spiritual teachings that come from their religion and I do not. I keep my mind and heart open and accept, what I am told by spirit.

I made a commitment to existence that whatever I discover from talking to those, who have passed, would always be kept pure. It would never be altered by existing belief. I would adapt to the knowledge I was given through accepting, when I am wrong and spirit is right. I no longer hold traditional beliefs. I hold the result of exploring truth through communication with spirit. I would tell every gay person that they are exactly, who god designed them to be. God does not make mistakes.”

Jina about reincarnation:

“If time represented our journey, death would be a small moment that we pass through. We will have grown from the experience but we lose nothing of who we are. We sacrifice only a body that was not always our home. Our memories have been such a stranger that we no longer understand death and rebirth because we remember nothing from before we entered the world.
In my book, ‘The complete explanation of death and rebirth’, I want to give you the opportunity to reconnect to those memories. Your history began long before this life. I will not give you a religion or tell you how to live. As a medium I just share my understanding with no expectation. Feel the energy of an image or a set of words, and see if you can connect them to your own journey.”

‘The soul entering the universe for the forth time’, painting by Jina Wallwork

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