Bettina Gray Interviews Photographer Ruth Bernhard

Bettina Gray interviews photographer Ruth Bernhard; an excerpt from the Creative Mind 13-part interview series for public television produced by KQED, San Francisco aired 1991-1992.

About Ruth Bernhard

Ruth Bernhard (October 14, 1905 – December 18, 2006) was a German-born American photographer. Around 1934, she began making images of women in the nude including many images of lesbians in Manhattan. She lived most of her life in a period with widespread social oppression of homosexuals in the United States. She had affairs with both men and women. In 1943, she met Eveline (Evelyn) Phimister (1908-1996), an artist who designed fabric, wallpaper, window displays, and sets for Broadway shows. They lived together in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for about ten years. – source