Birthe Havmoeller in Berlin with Anja Müller

Text and photo by Birthe Havmøller

Birthe_Anja_2017I (the editor) was in Berlin last week, There I met photographer Anja Müller. We are collegues, both photographer as some of you will know, so we had a lot to share. I introduced Anja to a couple of my photography projects. Anja loves taking photos of people. She has made several photography books and I had the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a model with her as the photographer. After this spontaneous photography session Anja told me that I am a good model. And my afternoon at Anja’s place ended with us making this informal selfie with my camera.
Thanks very much Anja, for a lovely afternoon. I hope to meet you again somewhere in a not too distant future.

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