Blurring The Bounderies Between Human And Animal

Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch) is a thematic group exhibition spanning, between two art spaces lying in proximity of each other – Perla-Mode and Dienstgebäude in Zurich, Austria, – a bridge between two worlds: the animal and the human world.
“The participating artists demonstrate a special interest in the moments of shade and silence in which the categorizing boundaries between human and animal are blurred. Their works of art are saturated with intensities, drawing on a range of art devices derived from reality and action, narrative and criticism, wisdom, rituals, phantasmagorias, science, feelings or passions, exoticism all the way to banal everyday observations.”

Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch)

at Perla-Mode and Dienstgebäude in Zurich
April 10 – 25, 2010
Opening: April 9 2010, 6 pm

Videos By Performance Artist Line Skywalker Karlstroem

I want draw your attention to the videos of queer artist Line Skywalker Karlstroem, which will be screened at the exhibition. Line is an interdisciplinary artist (sculpture, performance, video), whos work is invested in art-as-life, processes of power and identity, production of space and the notion of the “normal” “female” body. The videos are ‘Queens Deers’ (Denmark, 2004, 4:01 min) and ‘The Fall’ (Denmark, 2010, 8:35 min, with Habibi Hansen Karlstrøm), which document her performances. ‘Queens Deers’ is a performance in which Line S. Karlstroem appears as a somewhat deranged elk, running about in the forest and trying to summon the animals of the forest. ‘The Fall’ is performance, which is set in a forest on a stormy day. The performers are two, Line S. Karlström and the artist’s Siamese cat, Habibi. Go to Lines’ blog to see a trailer of ‘The Fall’ performance video.

Lecture By Judith Jack Halberstam

Program of Events in collaboration with Corner College at Perla-Mode, Langstrasse 84 / Brauerstrasse 37, 8004 Zürich:
Sunday, 25 April, 7 pm: Creative Anthropomorphism – animal forms of sociality and cross species desires, a lecture in English by Judith Jack Halberstam, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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