CABELLO / CARCELLER “Off escena: Si yo fuera…”

CABELLO / CARCELLER “Off escena: Si yo fuera…” (Off Escena: If I Were…) from Matadero Madrid on Vimeo.

Art Project of view “Off Escena: Si yo fuera…”, Madrid 2011 : “A scaffold and wood structure inhabits the old cold storage of Matadero Madrid. A graffiti, “Ask and tell”, dominates a stage where the visitor feels that something has happened. The audience may go up on stage or walk around the scaffold structure to figure out what has happened in that space: the shooting of a musical short film where the leading characters are prisoner women of centro penitenciario Madrid I-Alcalá Meco.”

In the video above the queer artist duo Cabello / Carceller (Helena Cabello and Ana Carceller) talk about their art project “Off Escena: Si yo fuera…” (Off Scena: If I Were…)

Cabello / Carceller
The artists, who are based in Madrid, have been working together since the begining of the 1990s. They work in video, photography, performance, installation, drawings and text; usually they make works in which they are questioning patterns of behavior and the regulation of the gaze or working with issues related to the (de)construction of gender and power.

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