Dawn Woolley: Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification

Video (44:22): Dawn Woolley’s artist talk is about her recently published book, Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification. She also introduces the viewers to a number of her art projects including her series of animated infomercials: ’12 days of Christmas and 12 days of January’ and the modern, stereotypical consumer exemplified by the ‘Hysterical self(ie)’.

The Book

Consuming the Body: Capitalism, Social Media and Commodification Kindle Edition
by Dawn Woolley
Publisher: Bloomsbury Visual Arts; 1st edition (September 8, 2022)
Publication date: September 8, 2022
Language: English
Print length: ‏240 pages
Formats: Kindle Edition
and Hardcover: ISBN-10: 1350225290 ISBN-13: ‎978-1350225299

Consuming the Body examines contemporary consumerism and the commodified construction of ideal gendered bodies, paying particular attention to the new forms of interaction produced by social networking sites. Describing the behaviours of an ideal neoliberal subject, Woolley identifies modes of discipline, forms of pleasure, and opportunities for subversion in an examination of how individuals are addressed and the ways in which they are expected to respond. Key modes of address that compel the consumer to consume are: sadistic commands communicated in adverts, TV programmes and magazine articles; a fetishistic gaze that dissects the body into parts to be improved through commodification; and a hystericized insistent presence that compels the consumer to present their body for critique and appreciation that is exemplified in the selfie.’ – Amazon.com

About Dawn Woolley

Dawn Woolley, “I am an artist and research fellow based at Leeds Arts University. I examine my experiences of and in contemporary consumer culture, using a queer feminist and anti capitalist lense. This [book project] began with an examination of idealised representation of femininity [in some earlier works]… these works were finished just after I completed my MA in photography at the Royal College some years ago.”

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