'Egoless' Visual Art Exhibition

‘Egoless’ Visual Art Exhibition
August 8-29, 2009
Opening Reception Aug. 8, 7:30pm
Artist Discussion Panel for Members & Press Aug. 8, 6pm
Femina Potens Art Gallery
2199 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Femina Potens writes about the ‘Egoless’ group art show: ‘In May 2009 we divided our fifteen participating artists into five groups of three. Each team produced three pieces.  Within the teams each artist had a month to start their own creation. In June each artist handed over their piece to another member of the group to continue the artwork for that month with absolutely no restrictions. Then in July the artworks were passed yet again to another artist to finish the work. The project successfully ended after three months with 15 completely unique pieces that are a testament to the power of artistic surrender. The finished product is communal art that refuses exaltation of the individual, but rather for a community that boldly releases traces of individual ego.’

Join the queer gallery, which for the past eight years has provided hundreds of art exhibits, spoken word events, multi-media programs, film screenings and educational workshops that reflect the experiences of women, transgendered, kink, and sex worker communities in San Francisco, and meet the artists at the Artist Discussion Panel on August 8, 6pm, 2009. For details on membership visit the Femina Potens Art Gallery’s website.