Feminine Moments’ bibliography

I have updated Feminine Moments’ bibliography, giving it a new format. The BIBLIOGRAPHY is a work in progress. One of the benefits of this upgrade is that I have integrated the 350+ names of lesbian, bisexual and queer feminist artists in this website’s main list of names: ARTISTS/CURATORS. I am happy about the new format as it is now much easier for me to spot artists whose books I have forgotten to include in the bibliography. Hopefully I’ll get around to adding more books to the list this winter.

Feminine Moments’ bibliography is ment as a tool for researchers and art students. It gives you a basic list of names of artists and editors of art books by lesbian, bisexual or queer feminist artists, and then it is for you to click on the links to read list of book titles. – Even though I believe in calling the artists whom I am writing about on this website by first name (as the academic tradition of mentioning artists by their second name hides the fact that they are women, queers or non gendernormative people), I have chosen the traditional format of the librarian and listed the artists by second name.

The bibliography does not contain any links as this website is non commercial. I don’t promote publishers or bookshops; you already know the big online bookshops and if you can’t find the book with one of them, do contact the artist, as more and more people are self-publishers and they many not always want to have their books distributed by one of the big international distributers.

My bookshelfe

I am not a book collector, but I appreciate the knowledge that the books as a medium conveys to us. The queer (feminist) art books does not take up much space on my bookshelfe. Most of the books I buy are art books, antologies and catalogues which I use for the research I do related to this website. This year I have bought Queer Threads / crafting identity and community by curators John Chaich and Todd Olham (2014); Queer British Art 1861-1967 edited by Clare Barlow (2017); Queer (Documents of Contemporary Art) edited by David J. Gersy (2016).

copyright Birthe Havmoeller
Birthe Havmoeller, November 2017