Folly & Error by Michelle Handelman

Video (3:15): excerpt from the video performance ‘Folly & Error’ by Michelle Handelman (2004). Artists: Michelle Handelman and Tori Sparks. The video above is published by 6X6 Play Submission.

‘Description: “Folly & Error” is part of [Michelle Handelman’s] project “This Delicate Monster“, a multi-media pop fable inspired by Charles Baudelaires 19th century collection of poems, “Les Fleurs du Mal”, an abject space where passion, obsession, fashion and ugliness collide. The entire project consists of several video works, photographs, a live performance, and sculptural costumes. This piece is the only single-channel projection within the larger project. (…)’

[The copyright of the video above remains with the original holder and it is used here for the purpose of education, comparison and criticism only.]