Forthcoming Book: ‘Zoe Leonard: Al Rio / To the River’

Video (47:17): Texas Talks Art presents Zoe Leonard and Tim Johnson with curator Ingrid Schaffner of The Chinati Foundation. They talk about Zoe Leonard’s forthcoming book AL RIO /TO THE RIVER, edited by Tim Johnson. This talk took place over Zoom on 3/9/21.


Edited by Tim Johnson. Text by C.J. Alvarez, Ariella Azoulay, Cecilia Ballí, Remijio “Primo” Carrasco, Dolores Dorantes, Darby English, Álvaro Enrigue, Catherine Facerias, Nadiah Rivera Fellah, Josh T. Franco, Esther Gabara, Adolfo Guzman Lopez, Aimé Iglesias Lukin, Elisabeth Lebovici, José Rabasa, Cameron Rowland, Roberto Tejada, Karla Villavicencio.
ISBN: 9783775748780
USD $75.00 | CAN $105
Pub Date: 8/24/2021;

This two-volume project documents the body of water at the US/Mexico border in a photography series and an anthology of writings. Through Leonard’s black-and-white images, the river known as Rio Bravo in Mexico and Rio Grande in the United States is revealed not just as a river but as a political tool, a source of water, and a region that many people call home on either side of the border.

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