Here We LTTR: 2002–2008

Exhibition: Here We LTTR: 2002–2008
Dates: May 23 – September 27, 2015
Venue: Tensta Konsthall, Spånga, Sweden

‘A border-crossing approach that is characteristic for queer feminism, a feministic movement that is not so easy to define.’ This exhibition brings together the archives of LTTR, a feminist, genderqueer artist collective, originally based in New York in the 2000s. The collective – whose acronym LTTR can be read in various ways, including Lesbians To The Rescue, Listen Translate Translate Record, Lesbians Tend To Read and Lacan Teaches To Repeat – catalysed a vibrant queer community through collaboration, discourse, journal making and distribution. The collective’s groundbreaking work, including the five issues of the journal, as well as photographs and other documentation of its social energy, is being exhibited for the first time at Tensta Konsthall, where local and international guests connected to LTTR and queer art, activism, and research, will guide a series of walk-throughs.

FRANK and Emily Roysdon – A Queer Feminist Arts Conversation

at Tensta Konsthall
Thursday August 6, 2015 at 19:00 hrs.

FRANK is an Oslo-based platform run by the artists Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle since 2012. The event at Tensta konsthall takes as its starting point FRANK’s project Conversations, a series of dialogues and interviews distributed online. It continues the platform’s work on generating space for exchanges and discussions on the politics of art, gender, sexuality, and racialization.

The conversation between FRANK and Emily Roysdon, LTTR, will focus on the aspirations, conditions, shapes, and methods of working with art and politics from a feminist genderqueer perspective. The event will mark the meeting of three queer feminist production sites: LTTR journal (2002-), the Nordic journal Trikster (2008-2010), and FRANK Conversations (2015-). The conversation between Emily Roysdon, Liv Bugge, Mathias Danbolt, and Sille Storihle will cover queer art and politics at different times in different geopolitical climates.