HOPE & FEAR by Chalotte Haslund-Christensen

Video (4:08): teaser about HOPE & FEAR, a three-panel video installation by Chalotte Haslund-Christensen.

Dearest Friends and Colleagues,

I hope this mail finds you and yours well in these strange times?
I’m delighted to invite you to the exhibition This World is White No Longer at Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, where my triptych work HOPE & FEAR is being shown in the company of works by some of my biggest art heroes from 24th April – 10th October 2021.

This World is White No Longer
“This world is white no longer, and it will never be white again,” the American writer James Baldwin declared in his essay Stranger in the Village in 1953. Baldwin’s prophetic dictum re presents both a forceful critique of white Western thinking and an impassioned call for a universal humanism. The exhibition This World Is White No Longer proposes a stance that makes an effort to take off the “white glasses” and explores the potentials of a shift of perspective as a practice designed to decenter our own gaze on the world. The show features key works from the Generali Foundation Collection in dialogue with artists who question forms of racism while limning the portrait of a multiperspectival globality in which the experiences and views of people of color are of fundamental significance.

With works by: Karo Akpokiere, Lothar Baumgarten, Danica Dakic ́, Forensic Architecture, Samuel Fosso, Charlotte Haslund-Christensen, Alfredo Jaar, Voluspa Jarpa, Belinda Kazeem-Kami nski, Adrian Piper, Lisl Ponger & Kara Walker.

Travelling is difficult these days, but if you know anyone in or around Salzburg, please don’t hesitate to let them know about the show.

The museum is open!

And if you’re still stuck at home, here’s the above teaser to enjoy.
All the very best – as always – to you all from


Copyright Charlotte Haslund-Christensen
Still from HOPE and FEAR by Charlotte Haslund-Christensen

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