Interview with Vietnamese Artist Himiko Nguyen (2018)

Video (7:15): interview with Vietnamese artist Himiko Nguyen by Post Vidai Collection (2018)

Himiko Nguyen is known for her intricate installations with provocative messages about self identity and gender issues. Come Out by Himiko Nguyen which is mentioned in the video above is an autobiographical project. Cristina Nualart writes about em>Come Out by Himiko Nguyen:

“Self-portraits of the naked artist, often in a yoga pose, softly lit against a dark background, are encased in black boxes mounted on the wall like cupboards. Each box has a hole in the centre for the viewer to look in. Upon pressing a light switch, the photograph inside becomes visible. The visibility that the title itself calls for is thus interactive. The coming out process requires the help of a viewer who will switch on the light. Most importantly, the boxed framing device has the commanding job of channelling the viewer’s gaze to completely reverse the conventional power structure gaze/nude.”

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