Kimmeridge Foreshore by Frances Hodgkins

Video (3:22): introduction to Frances Hodgkins’s painting Kimmeridge Foreshore by Christina Barton, Director, Adam Art Gallery at Victoria University of Wellington.

About Frances Hodgkins (1869 – 1947)
Frances Hodgkins was born in New Zealand, but spent most of her working life in Britain. Arts writer Alison J. Laurie argues in her article ‘Frances Mary Hodgkins – Journeys into the Hearts of Women‘ (published in Journal of Lesbian Studies Volume 5, 2001 – Issue 1-2. Lesbian Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand) that Frances Hodgkins, an expatriate New Zealander artist based in England, had moved to England to find supportive friendship circles for her life as artist and a person attracted to women. And that many of her relationships with women were sexual.

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