Lisa Erb – Erb Investigations

Lisa Erb - Erb  Investigations at Lothringer13

Lothringer13 Städtische Kunsthalle München (in Munich, Germany) presents the art exhibtion ‘Erb Investigations’ by German artist and lesbian Lisa Erb. The exhibition runs through July 11, 2010.

Queer Feminist Artist Sand Murray Wassink About Lisa Erb:
„Lisa Erb is an artist working with intra-action / entanglement. In her work, Erb is interested in a radical shift in interactive, dynamic human perception. Using concepts / theories derived from mathematics and quantum physics / physical sciences, she applies these concepts in her daily investigations. Her many-armed projects encompass (alternative) pop cultures and queer concepts of what is “sexy” as well as an exploration of the “fantastic” which she has termed “the big picture”. She is interested in the eventual “proof” of her investigations and experiments, actually involving a literal “revolution” which she has optimistically shortened to the word “volution”. A revolution, a shift into the conception of the surroundings and the “opposite” not as dichotome difference, but as an emergent entity is the question.”

The Press Release Reads:
‘The future of our development is the overlay and merge of structures is a process following the principles of self-organization as a growing network, rhizomatically spreading, evolving itself to its higher form – an evolutinary act of persisting on the path of time, stepping into the presence of potential future. For becoming and understanding entity we have to be aware of the intra-entanglement of the complexity in the priciple of superpositioning within our entanglement. This is highly political as this scratches on the pinciples our post-secularized world bases on. Still we have to take this step along with its self-organising matter of time. For a creation as a whole, that is able to prosper and evolve into future, we have to come to a stable form that is mighty of including all subsets of the entity. This has political, sociological, theoretical and practical consequences. There is a fundamental principle beyonst it all and that is development itself.
Uncertainty and indeterminacy remain that their transition from probability to certainty is a matter of time. Reality is a dynamic process. Modern cosmology and physics emphasize the interdependence of complex systems on scales from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Erb is doing a fundamental research of boundary investigatons, cybernetics, mathematics and believes that each part of physical reality contains information about the whole at different scales. Entanglement and process, “one AND all” – This has political, sociological, theoretical and practical consequences. Erb Investigations gives a broadly diversified admission to the interface research of Lisa Erb since 1999.’