Painter Rikke Thoresen, Norway

Queer painter Rikke Thoresen, Norway, is presenting her works at the Skeive Kunstnere’s annual queer group exhibitions, titled ‘Åpen Kunst’ (Out Art), in Oslo June 2010. The ‘Åpen Kunst’ group show is open June 23-26, 2010 at the Kulturteltet in Pride Park, at Rådhuspladssen in Oslo, Norway. Rikke has told me about her creative process:
‘Ceramics was my first way of expressing myself creatively, and I worked with clay for many years. Then I developed a fascination for colours, which slowly took over and I started painting. I paint abstract and figuratively. Sometimes I start with an idea, but then the painting lives its own life and it may change during the process.
We live in a hectic world. We have to take in lots of impressions every day, therefore it is good to ‘disappear into’ a painting and just stay calm and present in the moment. Painting becomes a meditative process, where I go to explore my inner self and at the same time bad experiences can be healed through the process of painting.
I give courses in Vedic Art – it is a method, which helps you to open up to our creativity in art and in life in general.’

Samples of Rikke Thoresens work can be seen both at the show in the Oslo Pride Park and at one of the local libraries (Majorstua) in Oslo. Read more about the queer art  shows in Feminine Moments’ article: Queer Art in Oslo, Norway.

Choice, a painting by Rikke Thoresen

Choice (Valg), a painting by Rikke Thoresen 2010

Latebloomerladies, a painting by Rikke Thoresen

Latebloomerladies, a painting by Rikke Thoresen 2010

Crossroads, a painting by Rikke Thoresen

Crossroads (Veiskille), a painting by Rikke Thoresen 2010