Paintings by Lotte Laserstein

Video slideshow (5:16) with paintings by artist and lesbian Lotte Laserstein (1898–1993).

Expatriate German portrait painter and Jewish lesbian Lotte Laserstein moved from Germany to Sweden in 1937. She had made a name for herself on the lively diverse art scene of Weimar Germany, but like many other women artists Lotte Laserstein was soon forgoten by the German art world… and in 1987 she was discovered and rehabilitated, when Thomas Agnew and Sons and the Belgrave Gallery organized a joint exhibition and sale of works she had retained in her personal collection. Lotte Laserstein died in 1993 at the age of 94 years old in Sweden.

In 2003, a large retrospective of Laserstein’s work was held in Berlin. In-depth research was carried out by Anna-Carola Krausse which was synthesised in the exhibition catalogue,

Lotte Laserstein: My Only Reality
by Anna-Carola Krause (Author)
Publisher: Philo Fine Arts (Oct. 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3364006091
ISBN-13: 978-3364006093

This book includes a CD-ROM featuring her paintings, drawings and etchings from 1910 to 1937, as well as a listing of selected works from her career in Sweden.

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