Pride Art: Two Ladies in Red by Con Artist

Copyright Con Artist, New York
Two Ladies in Red, 12″ x 12″ oil on canvas by Con Artist

About the Artist

Con Artist (US), born Constance; disowned by my father and divorced… decided to give myself a name the way people chose their names throughout history… according to my profession… I am not a con. I am an artist.
I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Art from SUNY, State University of New York. My artforms include: dancing, performing, painting, sculpting, costuming and scenic design. Among my achievements: MDT Business Office Education. Working history includes private teaching of dance and art. Art Director at Decal Techniques. Recreation Assistant at Atria Assistant Living. Artist in Residence at East Islip H.S. and Walt Whitman H.S. Costumer at Chazzam Entertainment.Secretary, Admin, Receptionist and Data Processor. – Now Retired… enjoying, making kites and flying; dancing Flamenco and tap dancing; cooking and caring for my family, …and painting utility poles for my community.

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