Stefanie Gutheil – The Home of Mr. Peeps (2016)

Video (6:23): a walk through Stefanie Gutheil’s fourth exhibition with Mike Weiss Gallery, The Home of Mr. Peeps. Exhibition Dates: December 10 – January 30, 2016.

Mike Weiss Gallery says, for this show, the Berlin-based artist has delved deep into the recesses of her imagination – back where horned beasts, laser beams, onesies, a brass marching band, phonographs, multi-talented chickens, the original stooge named Krampus and a giant pink elephant all reside – and emerged with a phantasmagoric stable of characters à la a secularized and hallucinatory version of Noah’s Arc. With this herd of misfit creatures, Stefanie Gutheil has left normality at the door and transformed the gallery into a sanctuary of the bizarre – a surreal, utopic landscape of chromatic and psychological vibrancy.