Zurich: Queer Feminist D.I.Y. Film Festival

Video: “Crappy avantgarde performance (for you)”, by Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller, Denmark

Danish visual artist and queer woman Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller presents five short art videos, “Crappy avantgarde performance (for you)”, “One minute movements”, “Right kind of family”, “Touch my tra la la” & “Mrs. Uterus & me”, at Traumschicht Kollektiv queere Filmtage, a queer feminist D.I.Y. film festival in Zurich, Switzerland 1.-3. Juni 2012.


“Crappy avantgarde performance (for you)” (see above) is the opening film of AMAZING QUEER FILMS part 1 at Traumschicht Kollektiv queere Filmtage. Henriette description of this video reads: You are a true talent! Congratulations… Or are you? This art video is commenting on all the undiscovered “talent” out there. The mass medias love to discover all the bright talents, but are they any good? It is also a comment on the artist in the studio, out of strength and happiness, just another performative day at the office.

Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller describes the other four videos, which also will be screened during the Traumschicht Kollektiv queere Filmtage:

“One minute movements”

Are you getting max out of your life? And what would you do if you only had one minute left? This art video is an experiment on how many unrehearsed movements you can make in one minute.

”Right kind of family”

Queer people are often confronted with their many ways of living their lives. Sometimes we are told that we are
not good enough. Good enough to have a family, good enough to claim equality, and sometimes we even believe in it ourselves. But who is the right kind? The good families? Who? [See Right kind of family]

”Touch my tra la la”

It took many years to accept women at art academies; there were a fear that croquis drawing would disturb the young female artist students.
Today you can be a woman touching a drawing in an erotic way and make a fictive orgasm via sound and movement. [See Touch my tra la la]

“Mrs. Uterus & me”

A strange interview. A person is trying to find out more about origin and background but Mrs. Uterus seems not in the mood for answering any questions. Suddenly a caller is tuning in.

Join Traumschicht Kollektiv in Zürich, see Henriette’s videos, and you will leave with a smile on your face and something to think about!

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