Book Project: PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

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German photographer and queer woman Anja Müller has created a crowdfunding project to fund the publication of her next photography book: PAARE 2 (Couples), an erotic photography book. You can help fund this publication by pre-ordering a copy Anja Müller’s beautiful photography book at the crowdfunding page.

Photo by Anja Müller

Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Cover of PAARE 2 by Anja MüllerAnja Müller’s recent photography project PAARE 2 (Couples) is now turned into a 192 pages long book showing intimate, powerful, exciting, poetic, tender and loving photos of 40 couples, gay and straight, young and old, having sex, hugging, kissing, teasing each other, or simply cuddling.

Nudity means to expose oneself, physically and mentally. It means to show personality and to feel the emotional presence of your partner. Müller’s pictures are full of affection and devotion. The photographer documents intimacy and fondness, not voyeurism. Her couples affect each other, the photographer and the viewer.

Anja Müller’s photography is placed in between enactment and authenticity. She produces a secure setting in which the couples feel comfortable. All kisses are real kisses. All physical contact is real contact, which the couples chose to engage in.

The viewers don’t know how long the couples have been dating. They don’t know how old they are, where they are from, how they met, or what they do for a living. Nevertheless they get the feeling that they do know the couples and that they understand how they function. They can feel their love for each other.

Sometimes melancholic, sometimes euphoric, sometimes passionate, humorous, or pragmatic, set in a bedroom, a kitchen, or a corridor: Anja Müller’s pictures reveal that there are many ways to love each other, physically and emotionally.

Illustration above right: The cover of PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Müller

Photo by Anja Müller
Photo from PAARE 2 by Anja Mülle

About Anja Müller

Photographer Anja Müller is a professional photographer who loves working with people making special portraits of them; she has already published a number of photography books featuring her portraits and nude photographs: Frauen 2 (2010), Mittendrin (2008), Ichdich (2006), 60plus (2002), Männer (2001), Frauen (2000). Read more about her photography books at Anja Müller’s website. Anja Müller is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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Video ‘Ein kurzer film über das schönsehen‘ (in German) about Anja Müller and her photography project PAARE (Couples).

A Pop Up Walking Tour Performance in California

The Ecosexuals, 2015
Press photo.

Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens: ‘By shifting the metaphor from “Earth as mother” to “Earth as lover” we aim to entice people to develop a more mutual, pleasurable, sustainable, and less destructive relationship with the environment.’

June 21 & June 28, 2015
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens presents:


A Pop Up Walking Tour Performance: Bernal Hill Walking Tours & An Ecosexual Contingent in the SF Pride Parade, California, USA.

For performance details and how you can participate in the Ecosexual contingent in the Pride Parade:

The No Outsiders Classroom: An LGBT Critical Art Project

This video is about a group of students in an LGBT cohort who explored these themes via a critical art project called the No Outsiders Classroom.

“Social justice is a broad concept with varying interpretations, but generally it means leveling the playing field. It’s not so much about creating opportunities as it is removing barriers. It acknowledges that privilege for one group or individual comes at the expense of another, and that society has a responsibility to address that inequity.”

Call for Proposals: Killjoy’s Kastle Book Project

We seek contributions for a volume of collected essays related to artist Allyson Mitchell’s Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House. This large-scale installation and performance invites visitors to walk-through an unconventional gallery space designed in the tradition of carnivals, evangelical Christian fright nights, and lesbian feminist direct action aesthetics. The project, initially staged in Toronto (in collaboration with the Art Gallery of York University) in the fall of 2013, has since shown in London (at the British Film Institute, 2014) and will soon travel to Los Angeles (by invitation from ONE National Lesbian and Gay Archives, 2015), engaging a range of queer and feminist publics in interactive encounters with the frightening spirits that haunt feminist and queer history. Assembled with the help of fifteen artists, the finished Kastle staged in Toronto featured thirty performers; they brought to life the monstrous, abject, and horrifying status of unassimilated queers and feminists in the political imaginary, playing polyamorous vampiric grannies, ball busters, “lesbian” zombie folk singers, and real-life feminist killjoys, among other roles. Thousands of visitors have toured the Kastle to date and the project has reached thousands more through heated media coverage and online dialog. The Killjoy’s Kastle book seeks to further the project’s public role by extending these dialogs through the realm of publishing. In addition to essays that engage directly with the work, we seek contributions that further critical conversations about themes raised by the project.

The Killjoy’s Kastle book is co-edited by Allyson Mitchell ( and Cait McKinney ( We invite proposals on a range of topics related to Killjoy’s Kastle, but are especially interested in work that considers the project in relation to the themes outlined below. We seek a balance of essays from established and emerging scholars and writers.


The art of abjection or horror
Queer temporalities or the archive
Historical traditions of the carnival, fright-night, Christian hell houses, or other horror genres
Contemporary art and queer or feminist historiography
The role of race and intersectional feminisms in remembering histories
Feminist publics, controversy, digital feminisms
Textiles, installation, and/or performance traditions
The making-of: collective work processes and practice-based research

Formally we seek two types of written contributions: more traditional research essays ranging from 3,000–5,000 words, and shorter, more informal snapshots or offerings (500–1,000 words) that might focus closely on one aspect of the Kastle: for example, a close interpretation of one diorama or work from within the installation, or a personal narration of encountering the Kastle in relation to the themes set out above.

Proposals of 300-500 words can be sent to: and Please indicate in your proposal if you plan to write a longer essay or a shorter piece. Please include a short bio with your proposal. We would like to receive proposals by July 15, 2015.

Madeleine Lim Talks About Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

Lavender Life: Madeleine Lim, Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project by (2013)

In the above video Madeleine Lim, founder of Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project in California, reveals how it all started and she ends the interview by introducing the 2013 programme of the QWOCMAP Film Festival.

Madeleine Lim

exiled Singaporean lesbian/filmmaker/professor founded Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, or QWOCMAP in 2000. The first annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival was organised in 2003. QWOCMAP is based in San Francisco. The non-profit organization provides free four-month training to queer women of color in video production. The training takes a student with zero knowledge to producing a finished work – ready for their annual QWOCMAP Film Festival in June. Madeleine also trains instructors and organises intensive four day filmmaking booth camp.

2015 Queer Women of Color Film Festival
June 12-14, 2015
Brava Theater, 2789 24th Street (at York), San Francisco, USA

2015 Queer Women of Color Film Festival TRAILER from QWOCMAP on Vimeo.