For the Love of Freedom: Pride

Pride is a photo exhibition portraying gay history and the democratic struggle for gay rights from 1972 to the present. It is a part of the exhibition For the Love of Freedom at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. Pride present a chronological caleidoscope of the political efforts, street demonstrations, parties and gatherings that were carried out by the gay communities and other supporters of gay rights. This material has been compiled from the archives of Leif Pareli of The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the gay publication Blikk and The National Archives of Norway.

For the Love of Freedom

For the Love of Freedom at the Museum of Cultural History is University of Oslo’s main venue marking the Bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution. For the Love of Freedom consists of eight exhibitions: The Heavy Load; Stairway to Heaven; The Arena of Freedom; Minus Five; The Fifth Room; Pride; Hells Angels and The Forbidden Lounge. Read more about the other exhibtions at the museum’s website. Photo-artist Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty and Professor Svein Harald Gullbekk were given a cartè-blanchè to curate an exhibition which explores the limits and possibilities of freedom, as seen at the crossroads where art and science meet. For the Love of Freedom runs to the end of the year.

About The Curator Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty

Photo-artist and curator Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty is currently working at The Museum of Cultural History at The University of Oslo. She studied at Eastbourne College of Art & design in Sussex, UK and has worked with her photo projects since the middle of the 80′ies. Lill-Ann has published five books. Her book, ‘Gay Kids’ (an anthology) which was published as a part of her Gay Kids art project(2008), is now on the curriculum of the Oslo primary schools.

SAILOR by Mox Mäkelä

SAILOR – “A body from a beam of the runaway dream, a spark of the engine room”

Street dance & reflector clothes.
Overal idea, clothes, music: Mox Mäkelä
Dance, choreography: Rasmus Leppänen.

The event takes place in Kotka City, Finland on October 10, 2014 at 19.00.

Finland: Jeppis Pride 2014

HETERO by Fredrika Bistöm
Photo from the series HETERO by Fredrika Bistöm

Heidi Lunabba - Studio Vilgefortis
Heidi Lunabba – Studio Vilgefortis

Jeppis Pride 2014

at Galleri Gro, Campus Allegro, Runebergsgatan 8, 68600 Jakobstad, Finland
Opening: July 25 at 18.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Jeppis Pride 2014, a queer group exhibition. It runs from July 25 through August 16 2014 in Jakobstad, Finland. Title of the exhibition refers to people belonging to sexual and gender minorities: queer people, who have the right to exist and be visible just like the other ‘normal’ (heteronormative) people. The exhibition is approaching lgbtq topics in diverse ways, but the common denominator is that queer people are moving beyond the narrow confines of the heteronormative mainstream culture.

“‘The principal is GAY!’, I read this on the wall a morning in the bike tunnel on my way to the primary school. My school then organised a serious morning assembly with the message that we should not write smear words about others on the walls. It was my first contact with homosexuality: the banned foul language. I wish all children growing up in a small town to experience a Pride festival instead of a sermon about bad language, and this is the reason why I wanted to create Jeppis Pride 2014,” said curator and artist Heidi Lunabba.

Tvattlina. photo by Ilar Gunilla Persson
Tvattlina. Photo by Ilar Gunilla Persson

Besides physical artwork Jeppis Pride 2014 will also feature performances, the participatory art project Tvättlina (Clothesline in rainbow colors) and workshops. The participating artists are Nina Albrecht, Kenneth Bamberg, Fredrika Biström, Salla Penttilä, Ilar Gunilla Persson, Heidi Lunabba, Alex Råsa Basura and Aino Vuokola. The exhibition also includes a video by Camilla Roos.

Work by Nina Albrecht
Work by Nina Albrecht

Photo by Aino Vuokola
Photo by Aino Vuokola

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Night Ship by Mox Mäkelä

Press release by Mox Mäkelä

Night Ship by Mox

Night Ship

“How high a wreck can sink, how glorious bright it can be, when the sky turns black in your eyes, the back of the sea is full of cuts and the land visible only in bruises.”

Night Ship” is Mox Mäkelä’s artwork, a sequel to the “Shepherd’s Bank” theme exhibited in the Finnish Maritime Museum in 2009, with a deeply critical, ecological overall theme. It consists of a reflector mosaic built onto the hull of a wooden pleasure craft with three deckhouses. The main material utilised is disused reflective material largely recycled from transport use. The work includes a nonstop soundscape compiled from the artist’s short films on the same theme. The work will be on display in the outdoor area of the Maritime Centre Vellamo (in the city of Kotka. Finland) from the summer of 2014 through to the summer of 2015. The work can be seen in its full splendour when it is lit and the night falls.

The second part of the work is the short film “Night Ship”, viewable online. The film takes a different approach to dealing with the deeper content of the work.

The project is realised in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Finland.

About Mox Mäkelä

Mox is a multidisciplinary artist and an avant-garde filmmaker, who is based in Finland. Since the late 70s Mox has presented her artworks at exhibitions in Finland and in Europe. She studied art at Turku Art school 1980-1984. Mox works with sound, image and her writings, and makes installations, assemblages and short films. She makes very low budget short films, and offers the results of her work for free on the Internet. Her recent works include “idiot ibidem“, installation collection, text, film-diary, sound-diary and music adaptation, Suomenlinna, Rantakasarmin galleria, Helsinki, Finland, 2003, Human x – human and x, theme adaptation from an archive collection for the Oulu Art Museum, Finland, and the short film projects: meta matka / Children & Shepherd’s bank, published on online in 2010, and Story Ambient, a spoken word video project launched on the web in 2011.

Portraits & Wild Pain

A cross-posted INDIEGOGO campaign by Amie LeeKing

Mikki by Amie LeeKing
Mikki by Amie LeeKing, USA

Portraits & Wild Pain

My INDIEGOGO campaign is to raise funds for my first solo show at NYC’s ION Studio in late June.

My background

Hi, friends, I’m Amie LeeKing and since the 90’s I always had a camera in my hand from coast to coast at rock shows such as Sleater-Kenney, Hole, and Blonde Redhead. I have albums full of those old photos. As I progressed, I began shooting more staged imagery and had my first group show in Portland, Oregon in 2004. I sold my first photograph to a visiting French man and I knew then that I had an audience for my work.

I decided to take my passion further and I went to grad school in London at the University of the Arts and received my masters a several years ago. Beyond Portland, I have shown work in Montreal, New York, and San Francisco.

I am raising money to fund my first solo show at ION Studio in New York City from late June through September. Not only is it an opportunity to have my first solo show – something every artists strives to achieve; this particular show will cater to an audience that is ideal for my work. The selected works are images I shot over the past four years. The photographs are a mix of images of portraits and “wild pain”.

The making of the show and your help

I plan on showing 12 photographs from 16”x20” to 24”x36” mounted on aluminum. The funds raised will go to printing, mounting and shipping costs. The magnitude and time dedicated to this show involves a significant amount of effort and resources and for you detail oriented folks and photo geeks: I’m scanning and touching up medium format film, blowing-up digital prints, and working with my brother-in-law, Adrian, to render 3-D images of the space to sketch up the show i.e. this is a remote installation from 2,900 miles away, prior to the real installation!

In exchange for your generous contribution, you will receive prints, postcards, preview images and/or special thank yous!