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California LGBT Arts Alliance is an alliance of California Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Artists and Arts Organizations. They include all artists, arts organizations and individuals who support their mission as part of their alliance. Their mission is “to promote artistic and financial partnerships that strengthen and deepen the cooperative relationship among Californians LGBT non-profit arts organizations and individual artists.”

California LGBT Arts Alliance organizes statewide touring exhibitions and performances that will strengthen the members’ artistic programs and they publish an e-mail newsletter.

BUTCH: Not like the other girls

Press Release and video by SD Holman

Kickstarter campaign: Artist SD Holman’s photographic exploration of female masculinity: gallery show in Easthampton, MA + catalogue to enable future touring.

BUTCH: Not like the other girls

is a photographic exploration of the space occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities. The images honor the mercurial beauty, power and diversity of women who transgress the gender binary – celebrating the transversal dialectic of female masculinity, unapologetic and undiluted.

BUTCH by Canadian photobased artist SD Holman debuted 2013 in Vancouver, as public art in bus shelters and at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, where the show’s opening spilled out into the street for half a block, the largest in their 35-year history. The media around BUTCH went viral, with shares and posts from as far away as Germany and Denmark, and impassioned calls for the project to tour to other cities.

Touring costs money – which is why we have developed this Kickstarter campaign. The first touring exhibition has been organized by Amiee Ross (one of the butches photographed) April 4 – May 4, 2014, at The Mill Arts Project in Easthampton, Massachusetts. A collaborative project between Easthampton City Arts+ and Eastworks, MAP offers venue and publicitysupport, but pays no fees.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by 14 March 2014, which will provide the funds for:

  • The BUTCH Catalogue, a book (approximately 80 pages, with 50 images) from the exhibition with a preface by Canadian queer arts icon Persimmon Blackbridge. This is the best tool to interest galleries in other cities for more touring stops, plus it means you can see the show even if you can’t make it to an exhibition in person.
  • Costs for bringing the BUTCH: Not like the other girls exhibition to the Mills Art Project in Easthampton, MA: shipping costs for the artwork, and travel for SD Holman.

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Luchadoras – Mexican Female Masked Wrestlers by Alma Lopez

“Luchadoras” a Successfully Crowd Funded Art Project

Alma Lopez: “Luchadoras have been ignored and overshadowed for far too long. In popular culture, we widely recognize Luchadores (male masked wrestlers) and if asked, most of us can easily identify the masks of El Santo or Blue Demon. The sad reality is that in every movement and activity, women are obviously present yet often ignored or overlooked. As a queer Chicana feminist activist, my work focuses on queers and women of color. This will be a feminist activist project which will render Luchadoras so huge that they will be impossible to ignore. After researching Luchadoras, I found historical and contemporary images of their masks and some of their wrestling matches. For this project, I will select five of the most famous Luchadoras (such as La Briosa, La Medusa, La Venus, La India Sioux and La Diabolica) to paint their masks on five large canvas banners.” Read the full description of Alma Lopez’ art project.

About Alma Lopez

Author, artist and visual activist Alma Lopez has for over a decade been involved in an international art censorship controversy. The controversy began in 2010 when she exhibited her photobased digital print (a digital collage) titled Our Lady on an exhibition at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Her book, “Our Lady of Controversy: Alma Lopez’s Irreverent Apparition,” (University of Texas Press, 2011) features a series of essays about the history of Guadalupe and what her pervasive imagery means in our lives.

Creating a Pipeline for a Queer Arts Festival

Video: ‘Creating Queer Community Worksample 1′ by Rudy Lempke, 2012

Description of the video: ‘Jeff Jones, Development Director of Qcc explains the Creating Queer Community Workshop process. Jaime Cortez discusses the importance of the CQC Workshops. Celest Chen and Kali Boyce discuss their participation as CQC grantees. Caitlin Sweet discusses her participation in the CQC workshop.’

Creating a Pipeline for a Queer Arts Festival is important. I am happy to hear that the organizers of the National Queer Arts Festival at the Queer Cultural Center in San Francisco has taken it to their hearts. The artists professionalize themselves at the workshops and develop their queer project, as the learn about art projects management, budgeting and grant writing for their projects.


Press release by Mary Meriam, Editor of Lavender Review

Issue 8 – Dance


Yvonne Rainer, Judy Grahn, Joy Ladin, kathryn l pringle, Carla Petree, Hannah Baker-Siroty, Flower Conroy, E.F. Schraeder, Seree Cohen Zohar, Debra Revere, Daniel Meltz, Risa Denenberg, Laura Davies Foley.


Yvonne Rainer, Carolyn Boll, Elizabeth Streb, LAVA, Lauren Warnecke, Anne Gadwa, Jennifer Monson, Ireni Stamou, Lucinda Childs, Stephanie Skura.


NJ Wight, Mary Ellen Mark, Christopher Duggan, Eddie Eng, Jeanne Mammen, Rose Callahan, Angela Jimenez, Valerie Oliveiro, Brassai, Richard Landry, Ian Douglas, Alice Austen.

Submissions are closed and will re-open on June 1, 2014.