Lola by Becky Boston


Becky Boston’s description of her video: ‘Lola is a 3 minute video, a random compilation of clips taken over a few months, of moments with my girlfriend Lola. Nothing is staged or planned I just went though a stage of constantly bringing a flip cam around with me. The video is captured from the perspective of the artist’s and her fascination for her muse, like some love induced acid trip.’

About Becky Boston

Queer artist Becky Boston was born in London, England in 1985. Becky Boston distinctive style came to light when she won her first Solo Exhibition XXXY after entering East London’s Gallery 320’s Mindsoup competition, held by the gallery seeking new up and coming talents. Boston works predominantly in oils and applies her talents to a number of different mediums that include video editing, product design and photography. Del LaGrace whose work she first saw in the lesbian erotic photography book Nothing but the girl (by Susie Bright & Jill Posener, 1996) has been by far her biggest source of inspiration, influencing the direction she would take for her own subject matter.

Boston’s artworks are a form of outsider art twice over. As well as being the work of an artist, who is entirely self-taught, her luminous portraits celebrate people who are themselves outsiders: punkish and androgynous people from the East London subcultures she inhabits; people she likes, or people she feels she is like.

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