Ambrosia Tønnesen (1859-1948) A Butch Sculptor

Norwegian art historian Jorunn Veiteberg has written a biography about Norwegian artist Ambrosia Tønnesen (1859-1948). Ambrosia studied first in Berlin and later she lived and worked as a sculptor in Paris for more than 20 years. She had talent and was a successful artist.

New Lesbian Art Links – Finland

I have updated Feminine Moments index of lesbian art links with links to the portefolios the following queer female artists from Finland: Painter Viva Granlund , Anna-Liisa Kankaanmäki , Katariina Katla and sculptors and installation artists Anne Koskinen and Laura Lilja. I hope that you enjoy their portfolios.

Pink And Bent: Art Of Queer Women

I invite you to see a slideshow documenting the exhibition ‘Pink and Bent: Art of Queer Women’ first mounted at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation gallery in New York City between May 21 and June 28, 2008 on’s website.

Berlin: Stefanie Schneider’s short films

Screenings of short films by queer filmmaker Stefanie Schneider Januar 14, 21, 28, and Februar 4 at 21:00 hrs. at the cinema BABYLON, Mitte, Rosa-Luxemburg Platz 30 | 10178 BERLIN, Germany

You, Me And Everyone Else We Don’t Know

You, me and everyone else we don’t know
Estonian Anna-Stina Treumund is a young lesbian artist. She is living and working in Tallinn. She is a MFA student at the Estonian Art Academy. Anna-Stina wants to share a few tips and tricks with us about how to recognize a lesbian from her part of the world.

New Lesbian Art Links – England

I have updated Feminine Moments’ index of Lesbian Art Links with links to the web galleries of the following contemporary queer artists based in England: Soheila Keyani, who makes vibrant passionate paintings in bright colours. Ann Forster who is a figurative painter too.  Ann investigates themes of sexuality, gender, lesbianism and transgender in…

To Be A Lesbian Artist Or Not

I often hear that artists don’t like being labelled as belonging to one genre of the arts i.e. being a surrealist, a abstract painter or a lesbian artist, as the label suggests that the artist makes one kind of art only, and a truly creative artist never knows where the inspiration may lead her in her next art project.

Happy Holidays!

Dear Artists, Friends and Collegues,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. May life bring you lots of new energy, inspiring projects and new friends in 2010. Love & Blessings, Birthe Havmoeller

Laurie Lipton On

The Extraordinary Drawings by Laurie Lipton will be open to January 2009 at Contemporary Urban Centre, Greenland, L1, Liverpool, UK. See an interview with Laurie Lipton about Extraordinary Drawings on

Film And Art Exhibition by Stefanie Schneider

Film Premiere of Stefanies Schneiders new film & Concert with Daisy McCrackin December 10, 2009 in Berlin, And on December 11, 2009 Stefanie Schneider’s 29 PALMS, CA a feature film/ art piece opens in ARTBAR 71 in Berlin.

Elizabeth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle and the Ecosexual Movement

Femina Potens Gallery, California, is delighted to be welcoming artist couple Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle as they aim to make the environmental movement sexier! On view in the gallery will be their vegan and bio-degradable wedding costumes.

Art Workshops At The Queer Pin@ay Conference In California

This year it is the 10 year anniversary since the first Queer Pin@y Conference in 1999 founded at UCLA, CA, US. The QPC at UCLA, USA was kicked off earlier this week by an art exhibition on Nov. 15 2009. The QPC’s queer exhibition features local artists and UCLA undergraduates. Queer…

OUTBURST Invites Kids To Join A Free Art Workshop

Belfast’s annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender arts festival kicks off November 12, 2009, with ten days of theatre, film, music, dancing, workshops, performance, discussion and much much more.
This year the festival also includes an art workshop for LGTB families and kids


Video: MetroLES” by Toxic Lesbians, 2008, Spain.