Do Queer Feminist Interventions at Museums Work?

Funktionieren queerfeministische Interventionen im Museum?

A conversation with the curators of the exhibition “Homosexuality_ies”, (June 26, 2015 – December 1, 2015 at Schwules Museum* and Deutschen Historischen Museum in Berlin Germany).
Saturday, 17 October 2015, at 5.30 pm until 7 pm
Venue: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Berlin, Schumannstraße 8, Berlin.

30 years ago the Guerilla Girls started their protest against male white dominance at museums. These are often the “last bastion” unbroken male, heterosexual and white perspectives. And how is it today? – Birgit Bosold, Board Member of the Schwules Museum*, Berlin; Dorothée Brill, Freelance Curator, Berlin and Detlef Weitz, cheweitz, Office for museal and urban scenography, Berlin will discuss this. The debate is moderated by Hannah Fitsch, Technical University, Berlin.

This event is a co-organised by Schwules Museum* and the Gunda Werner Institute at the Heinrich Boell Foundation in the context of the conference Dare the im_possible/Wage das Un_mögliche – Das 21. Jahrhundert feministisch gestalten.