Hear Us Marching Up Slowly by Dorothée Smith

Thinkinghands wrote on 04/27/2013:

“Arles: A French School
Daily through May 26
Time:10 :30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Location: 798 Space
Address: Dashanzi Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Beijing, China

Arles: A French School Description

A selection of works by artists who graduated from Europe’s most prestigious photography school will be exhibited in the iconic 798 Space in Beijing’s 798 Art District. Each with a different vision, Vincent Fournier presents an astonishing robotic universe, Dorothée Smith offers a poignant take on gender identity, Olivier Metzger meditates on the passage of time, Grégoire Alexandre displays his playful take on the world of fashion, and Aurore Valade presents her intimate, baroque portraits.”

French photographer and avant-garde filmmaker Dorothée Smith has told Feminine Moments that you can see her series Hear us marching up slowly,2012, at the above mentioned exhibition “Arles: a French School” / “Croisements” in Beijing, China. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie of Arles. June 14 – September 1, 2013 you can see Dorothée’s series Hear us marching up slowly at the first festival of photography, Portrait(s) in Vichy, France.

About Dorothée Smith

Her career has included a post-graduate degree in Philosophy at the Sorbonne, a degree from the French École nationale supérieure de la photographie (ENSP), the TAIK in Helsinki and then at Le Fresnoy, France. Her work can be seen as an observation of constructions, deconstructions, displacements, and transformations of identity. Her work has been exhibited at, amongst other places, Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris; Château d’Eau, Toulouse; Atelier de Visu, Marseille; and Casino, Luxembourg – as well as at photography festivals such as Photo Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Pingyao, China and the Daegu Biennale, South Korea, and Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2012. Dorothée Smith is a member of the ‘L’Évadée’ collective and the Hans Lucas Studio de Création. Her work is represented by the gallery Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris. At the moment she is doing her phd in Montreal, Canada.

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