Line Skywalker Karlström Performance: Queens Deers

Line Skywalker Karlström, Performance, 2004 Published at Youtube by MrLineskywalkerful, 11/09/2009

Feminist performance artist and queer woman Line Skywalker Karlström (Sweden/Denmark) is blurring the boundaries between humans and animals in this performance from 2004. Line descibes her performance, as one in which she “appears as a somewhat deranged elk, running around in the forest and summoning the animals living there. She [the elk/the artist] would like to give them a lecture about feminist artists like Yoko Ono and Meret Oppenheim. “Hoho! Hello The Queens deers, I’d like to tell you about all the great women artists. I’d like to tell you about Yoko Ono. Hoho, come!” ”

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