Kim Leutwyler – Artist Statement

Kim Leutwyler: I create large scale figure paintings of LGBTQ-identified women, most recently focusing on those who have impacted my life in some way…

Collages by Elinore Lindén Strand

C–2, collage by Elinore Lindén Strand C–3, collage by Elinore Lindén Strand C–4, collage by Elinore Lindén Strand The above series of collages by Swedish artist and queer woman Elinore Lindén Strand are part of the Gardet II exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden this week. GARDET II August 2 – 8,…

Zurich: Queer Feminist D.I.Y. Film Festival

Video: “Crappy avantgarde performance (for you)”, by Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller, Denmark Danish visual artist and queer woman Henriette Hellstern-Kjøller presents five short art videos, “Crappy avantgarde performance (for you)”, “One minute movements”, “Right kind of family”, “Touch my tra la la” & “Mrs. Uterus & me”, at Traumschicht Kollektiv queere Filmtage, a…

Sadie Benning

A biographical video on Sadie Benning using her style and medium.

Dagmar Kase: It is proud and good to be…

It is proud and good to be… by Dagmar Kase – Modified essay from forthcoming book published by thealit. frauen. kultur. labor. Also published in ETMU (The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration)-blog. Still from  Dagmar Kase’s video It is proud and good to be… “Eestlane…

Artist Talk: Tejal Shah

Visual artist and queer activist Tejal Shah, India, talks about her art projects and her work with the Hijra community in India.

Pride Photo Award Winner Hinda Schuman

Artist statement by Hinda Schuman All images are copyright Hinda Schuman 2011 Photo from A True Story by Hinda Schuman Artist book: A True Story by Hinda Schuman Congratulations to Hinda Schuman, USA. Five images from photographer and queer woman Hinda Schuman’s autobiographical artist book A True Story were selected…

Self Portrait: Lilian Kleiner

Jerusalem Inanna – A documented journey of one Self portrait by Liliana Kleiner, Music: “Luminoza Lux” by Gabriela Flores Painter and lesbian Liliana Kleiner is orginally from Buenos Aires Argentina, where she learned the art of painting in oils in the tradition of the old European masters. She has lived…

Artist Showcase: Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Eleanor Leonne Bennett (born 1996) is a teenage photographer and visual artist from the North West of England. She tells, these photos are based on the theme of illness and freedom.

Dayna McLeod – Multidisciplinary

Video: ‘Dayna MacLeod – Multidisciplinary’ publish by ELANquebec at YouTube. Queer writer, video and performance artist Dayna MacLeod talks about her live and work.

‘Sea School’ by Tess Sheerin

Higher Bussow Farm Studios is where I find Tess Sheerin: self-taught Kiwi/Brit artist and board sports junkie among her sculptures.

Book covers by María DeGuzmán

Queer artist María DeGuzmán asks: Where would you like your artwork to appear? On gallery walls, in private collections, on the Internet, in magazines, in and on books?