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Photo from the series Twins by Heidi Lunabba

Heidi Lunabba: “Twins”

Clothes make the man – but what about the child? Visual artist Heidi Lunabba’s series Twins investigates how clothes and other visual emblems are used to accentuate and define a child’s gender.

Press photo by Heidi Lunabba

Stockholm Pride: Studio Vilgefortis

If I were visiting the Stockholm Pride today (which unfortunately I am not) I would go to talk with Heidi Lunabba about her queer art project Studio Vilgefortis and face the fear of my own masculinity.

Free Beards For Beardless People

Slideshow about queer artist Heidi Lunabba’s ‘Studio Vilgefortis’

Change your looks and gender identity for a day. Queer artist Heidi Lunabba from Finland make beards on beardless people in her ‘Studio Vilgefortis’.