Photographer Sherley Camille Olopherne

‘I think my photographic vision is coming into focus just as I’m coming into myself and submitting all of my being to all possibilities wherever they may come. Artistically at a crossroad and committing myself to producing images that present the perverse, the destructive, the sexual, the eroticized and ultimately the beauty of life and women bodies.

Works On Paper By Erin Smith

Erin Smith, Australia: ‘My work is created from letters extracted from journals of automatic writing then digitally printed and hand drawn with archival ink onto paper.

Amie LeeKing

Amie LeeKing is a queer artist born in Michigan, USA.

‘Freak’ A Queer Art Project By Laura Lilja, Finland

Laura Lilja talks about her Freak-installations: “The queer project ‘Freak’ is one of my most successful installations. The starting point of this series of installations is my own experiences in the Finnish school system.

Painter Juliette Gorges Coppens

Juliette Gorges Coppens, born 1969 in Paris, is a French artist working and living in Berlin. She works with different medias, sketches, collages, stained glasses, but her favorite is oil on canvas or on paper, the technique, which is used in her series “Portraits”.

Deep Lez

Deep Lez uses cafeteria-style mixings of craft, context, food, direct action and human connections to maintain radical dyke politics and resistant strategies.

Queer Photography in Romania

Ana Dumitrescu is Franco-Romanian photographer. She works mostly with documentary photography and has made assignments for National Geographic, Playboy, Gamma Agency, Mediafax Agency, but for the last couple of years she has also worked together Accept, the only association in Romania that advocates for human rights and gay rights, and…

Being A Lesbian And Creating Spiritual Art

‘The soul entering the universe for the first time’, painting by Jina Wallwork Jina Wallwork is a writer, artist and medium living in England. She has studied art and has a BA(hons) degree in fine art from Staffordshire University. Jina Wallwork has just released a book ‘The complete explanation of death…